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Add in details about:

- design process

- What to expect

- Types of projects

- Install process

- Install area (more broadly as I will have a map at hte bottom of the page with a contact us tab


Do your sales pitch for kitchen installs and options. Customized specifically to your kitchen, designed together. blah blah


Do your sales pitch for "living area" installs and options. Customized to your space, give some examples of what people can do etc. etc.


Talk about bathroom installs. to delete this text. Same story as every other section


add in about your mosaics in an outdoor setting, durability , etc. Added piece for the garden, etc. etc.

Visit our Tile Shop

Our tile shop is the perfect place to experience the Atherley Arts style and get inspired for your own custom project.

Installing across Ontario

From Toronto, to Kitchener-Waterloo and down through Muskoka, we have you covered.

Get Started

Make some sort of pitch for getting started etc.

The button on this - links to the form they can fill out to start the process of customizing.

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