~ Welcome Home ~ rebuild what's broken

Oh my, I haven't written a blog in so long....but this sweet little project seemed to warrent it!

A customer reached out to me and said that she had a box of mis-matched china cups and saucers belonging to her late mother. A box that had probably been sitting in a closet or basement for a while. What do you do with that? Someone had suggested to her that I could help by making them into a mosaic. The interesting thing to me is that I have more than once been asked to do a memorial of someone's mom (four times now?)....and I absolutely love the process. 

When the box was dropped off to my door, I gingerly opened it and unwrapped each treasure. I looked at them by colours and thickness, and patterns and imagined how they might go together into three small mosaics. The client had asked for potentially welcome signs. I had some sweet little frames and thought perhaps I could make them little framed plaques that said "welcome home".


My boys were home for the holidays. Thoughts of last year kept arising, compelete lockdown and how they could not come home. The memory of that made this year seem even more special. In the quiet moments, with a full house, I slowly worked on the 3 mosaics for the client and her two siblings...

I made little "welcome home" porcelain tiles and tiny houses....glazed and fired them. I nipped up the cups and saucers and placed them in bowls matching the colours and patterns. I cut up tiny bits of mirror (a small homage to my first mosaic instructor Isaiah Zagar. ) Then I cut the kerdi-board and spray-painted the frames. I slowly started to glue down the patterns.



After my boys left, I finished the plaques. I added the grout, and I polished them until they were sparkling, and then I placed each one into it's frame.


Each commission that comes my way (in retrospect) truly feels like a gift for me to expand my portfolio and practice my skills. This project reminded me of the beginnings of my love for pique assiette, the art of making mosaics using broken plates. Before I owned a kiln the plate colours were my colour palettes, my 'paints'.
Buying a kiln (2016?) was such a game-changer for me. That meant that I could make my own tiles and in any colours and shapes that I wanted. Mixing my old and new styles within this project reminded me of how far I have come since the first mosaic workshop that I took in 2009 in Philadelphia with my boys. That time feels like a lifetime ago now, but it was such an exciting time, the foundation of how I would evolve my own craft.
As 2022 approaches, I think on each little piece that has made up my life. Each piece, be it deemed "good" or "bad" in my memory has constructed the whole. Ok, maybe it is not exactly the way that I had envisioned it, so maybe I need to swap in some new pieces.....add in a new little sparkle again, some glitter by taking a workshop or learning a new skill this year perhaps. Afterall, we are the artists of our lives! (We are.)
I want nothing more than to create something that I can be proud of. 
Collectively, we have been through so much in the last two years.
I think (hope) it will make us wiser.
Perhaps this is the year to pull it all together. We know deeply now what is important, and what is broken. 
I feel optomistic that we have the wisdom to rebuild from here.
Welcome home. xx Meg

"The most important thing one woman can do for another is expand her sense of actual possibilities." - Adrienne Rich


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